Marketing Campaign

My project management experience was primarily focused on the Arena of Valor mobile game. I was responsible for managing various marketing and partnership campaigns, developing marketing plans from idea generation through to execution. I collaborated with a diverse range of stakeholders, including production houses, music companies, art studios, and government entities. I thoroughly enjoyed these projects as they allowed me to develop a broad range of marketing knowledge and adapt to working processes in different environments.

RoV Thai Skin Campaign

The campaign began with a skin design contest that invited participants to submit designs for a hero’s Thai-themed skin. This annual contest, established in partnership with the Thai government since 2018, allows Thai artists to create exclusive skins that reflect Thai culture and landmarks. The primary objectives of the contest are to encourage participants to express their inspirations, promote Thai identity internationally, and develop these designs into real in-game skins.

My Responsibilities:

  • Managed the project and developed a marketing plan to promote events on both online and offline platforms.
  • Created and managed creative ideas and content: videos, voiceover scripts, cosplay photo sets, livestreams, shows, and songs.
  • Worked with a Vietnamese art studio and production house: established contact, provided briefs, and gave feedback to ensure that all materials aligned with the creative vision.
  • Collaborated with Tencent Qianhai and the Garena regional team (Taiwan) to set up in-game events and launch localized marketing materials in the game.
  • Planned and briefed KOLs to create content for both casual users and hardcore gamers.
  • Coordinated campaign working contracts and briefings with celebrity managers, supporting documentation for both the celebrities and the company.
  • Coordinated campaign content with stakeholders such as the government, celebrities, and partners to ensure campaign alignment.

RoV 5th Anniversary

The biggest marketing campaign of 2021 featured high-tier in-game events, celebrities, and partnerships, centered around the concept of “idol skins” with a focus on music marketing. This campaign was a collaborative effort between our brand and a music company to produce a new song related to the hero’s skins that were on sale during the campaign period. This strategic partnership aimed to enhance the overall user experience by integrating popular culture with our gaming content, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere for our community.

My Responsibilities:

  • Developed a content plan for both official and celebrities’ social media channels by integrating game elements into celebrities’ content.
  • Worked with a music company, 411 Entertainment, to generate music marketing to promote the new song “Ride On.” Coordinated with a music streaming company to monetize this song on streaming platforms to boost awareness.
  • Planned and created briefs for promotional content: videos, scripts, livestreams, and photo sets.
  • Planned community events to build engagement on social media.

RoV International IP Collaboration

In October 2020, the game collaborated with ULTRAMAN, integrating two IP characters into RoV. One character was featured in a giveaway event, while the other was available for purchase. This collaboration aimed to blend the iconic elements of ULTRAMAN with the RoV gaming experience, providing both a unique engagement opportunity for existing fans and an attractive draw for new players.

My responsibilities included:

  • Managed the project and localized the marketing plan to fit the Thai market, focusing on adapting ULTRAMAN storytelling to the game features.
  • Worked with the Garena regional team (Taiwan and Vietnam) to adapt the IP-related materials.
  • Planned and briefed KOLs to create content that would attract both ULTRAMAN fan clubs and RoV gamers.
  • Produced an exclusive RoVxULTRAMAN livestream on the Facebook fan page and YouTube channel by creating a streamers’ showmatch.
  • Ran community events such as a hashtag challenge on TikTok and a fanart contest on Facebook.

KFC x RoV Campaign

RoV, together with KFC, launched a collaboration campaign in January 2021. With the exclusive skin “Colonel Sansers,” RoV and KFC significantly boosted online buzz and engagement. In the first week of launching this promotion, KFC saw increased revenue from this box set. Additionally, the KFCxRoV hashtag was trending on Twitter during the offline event period.

My responsibilities included:

  • Managed the project and developed a marketing plan to promote the new skin and increase box set sales.
  • Created creative content and community events on Facebook and TikTok, leading to user-generated content.
  • Produced a stage show and livestream to promote the campaign.

Mother Gamer Movie

The “Mother Gamer” movie was a collaboration between Sahamongkol Film and Garena RoV, marking it as the first Thai eSports movie and the first RoV-themed film. It was released both in cinemas and on Netflix. The campaign surrounding the movie aimed to promote both the film and an in-game event concurrently during its airing period. This dual promotion helped to engage audiences both on and off the screen, enhancing visibility and interaction with the RoV community during the movie’s release.

My responsibilities included:

  • Managed the project and developed a marketing plan to increase awareness among gamers and movie lovers, drawing users to participate in movie-related in-game events and buy movie tickets.
  • Created creative content and community events on Facebook and TikTok to build user-generated content.
  • Collaborated with the movie production company, Sahamongkol Film, to shoot promotional content.
  • Planned and briefed KOLs to create content for promoting the movie.
  • Created copy and key visuals for in-game events to promote the movie and increase users playtime.
  • Managed the offline event “RoV Movie Day” at Siam Paragon, working with the organizer to create art direction and activities for this event. Coordinated and supported stakeholders and influencers at the press conference. Worked with the production team to ensure the quality of event shooting.

RoV Thai Localization Campaign

The 2022 localization plan was primarily focused on incorporating Thai voiceovers into the game. Additionally, there were in-game microsites that had to be localized and required the creation of new assets.

My responsibilities

  • Developing the Thai script for in-game announcements and heroes’ voices, ensuring that the language was authentic and resonated with our local audience.

  • Managing the Thai voice localization process by collaborating with professional Thai voice actors for recording sessions. This involved directing the actors to ensure that the voice quality was high and that each hero’s character was accurately represented in their voice portrayal.

  • Creating in-game microsite copy and visual briefs for specific concepts. I collaborated with an art studio to create artwork, ensuring that the event localization was engaging and suitable for Thai users.

Examples of a localization website for which I directed artwork and created promotional plan.

Undawn Influencer Campaign

During the pre-launch and initial two-month launch period of the game, I was responsible for managing influencer content. The strategy focused on creating awareness through collaborations with macro influencers and gaming streamers.

I managed the first Undawn Creator Program. My responsibilities included planning the program’s regulations, structuring rewards, and developing promotional content for social media platforms.

I also collaborated with TikTok Thailand to initiate a hashtag challenge aimed at generating user-generated content. I coordinated with influencers, briefing them on key content points to ensure alignment with our marketing goals.

The Creator Program successfully engaged creators in its first month, achieving over 5 million views. Additionally, the TikTok hashtag challenge was highly effective, generating more than 10 million views within just one month.