Community Campaign

I launched and grew the RoV official TikTok channel to 600,000 followers by fostering a gaming community, engaging in creative partnerships with influencers, and producing exclusive content.

I love integrating campaign assets with social media features like filters and stickers. It was challenging to make them engaging so that users would want to participate. With the gimmicks I added to these features, we achieved thousands of user-generated content submissions.

I worked with a video editor to create filters based on Undawn’s famous characters on TikTok. With a humorous theme, these filters attracted users who were not gamers to play.

I briefed artists to create three sets of RoV stickers for the LINE chat application to integrate the brand and game characters into every moment of users’ daily lives.

Social Media Community Campaign

I developed social media community event to enhance campaign visibility and especially build UGC. As I believe it will help build positive relationship between users and brand. Users expect to game brand as a support community that support their talents.

The community event also help increase hashtag and game social media account. Most of the campaign required users to use certain hashtag to spread campaign key message.

RoV Idol Contest

The event was the main UGC event for the RoV 5th Anniversary campaign, which had an idol theme concept. The sales items and in-game events were related to idols and galaxy. Therefore, this contest helped spread the campaign’s key message and raised awareness about the sales items. 

RoV Dance Challenge

RoV, together with the Sports Authority of Thailand, held the “RoV Dance Challenge” to encourage Thai people to work out during the Covid-19 situation. The challenge encouraged participants to post their RoV hero dance moves on social media to win prizes.

There were plenty of community events and activities that I managed and for which I created content plans. These ranged from hashtag challenges to skin design contests that partnered with well-known organizations.

As part of my responsibilities, I managed the project and developed a comprehensive marketing plan. I oversaw the execution of the contest, closely monitoring its results to ensure its success. Additionally, I was responsible for planning creative content and coordinating with KOLs to effectively promote the contest and maximize engagement.

Finally, most of these community campaigns generated hundreds of quality UGC submissions that led to positive sentiment and increased awareness of the sale items, helping to enhance the visibility of the main marketing campaign assets.