RoV Design Contest

The “RoV Design Contest” is a contest that lets Thai artists design the exclusive skin that relates to Thai culture and Thai landmarks. The contest will be held every year since 2018, with the objectives being to encourage participants to express their inspirations, spread Thai identity to other countries and develop a real in-game skin. From hundreds of works, the winner’s skin design will be developed into a real in-game skin.

Project Partnership:
– Tourism Authority of Thailand
– Ministry of Culture

My Responsibilities
– Managed the project and develop marketing plan to promote events on online and offline platforms
– Created and managed creative idea and contents: video, voiceover script, cosplay photo set, livestream, show, song
– Worked with Vietnam art studio and production house: contact, brief, and feedback to ensure that every materials will align with the creative idea
– Worked with Tencent Qianhai and Garena regional team (Taiwan) to set in-game event and marketing materials
– Planed and briefed KOLs to create contents for both casual users and hardcore gamers
– Align with the government, celebrity and partners

RoV 5th Anniversary

The biggest marketing campaign in 2021 which included high-tier ingame events, celebrities, and partnership

My Responsibilities
– Develop content plan for both official channel and celebrity’s channel
– Work with 411 Entertainment and generate music marketing to promote new song “Ride On”
– Plan promotional contents : video, script, livestream, photo set
– Create community event to build engagement on social media

RoV international IP collaboration

ROV collaborated with ULTRAMAN on October 2020, bring these IP characters into RoV.

My responsibilities
– Manage the project and localize marketing plan to fit Thai market
– Work with Garena regional team (Taiwan and Vietnam) to adapt the IP-related materials
– Plan and brief KOLs to create contents for attracting both ULTRAMAN fanclub and RoV gamers
– Produce RoVxULTRAMAN exclusive livestream on Facebook fanpage and youtube channel
– Run community events such as a hashtag challenge on TikTok and fanart contest on Facebook

KFC x RoV Campaign

RoV, together with KFC, launched a collaboration campaign on January 2021. With an exclusive skin “Colonel Sansers”, RoV and KFC significantly gained online buzz and engagement. On the first week of launching this promotion, KFC gained higher revenue of this box set. Also, KFCxRoV hashtag was trending on Twitter during offline event period. 

My responsibilities 
– Manage the project and develop marketing plan 
– Create creative contents and community event on Facebook and TikTok 
– Produce show and livestream to promote the campaign

Mother Gamer Movie

Mother Gamer Movie was a collaboration between Sahamongkol flim and Garena RoV. It is the first Thai eSports movie and RoV movie which released in both cinema and Netflix.

My responsibilities 

– Manage the project and develop marketing plan
– Create creative contents and community event on Facebook and TikTok
– Brainstrom with Sahamongkol film for planning marketing plan
– Plan and brief KOLs to create contents for promoting this movie
– Manage offline event “RoV Movie Day” at Siam Paragon, working with organizer and create art direction and activities in this event – Create RoV in-game events to support the movie

RoV Dance Challenge

RoV together with Sports Authority of Thailand held “RoV Dance Challenge” to encourage Thai people to workout during Covid-19 situation. The challenge encouraged participants to post their RoV hero dance move on social media to win the prizes.

My responsibilities 
– Manage the project and develop marketing plan 
– Run the contest and monitor results 
– Plan creative contents and KOLs