Content and Influencer Marketing

While working at Garena Online Thailand, I executed various types of content across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and X. I learned to adapt communication styles according to the campaign concept and the specific requirements of each platform, ensuring effective and targeted messaging that resonated with different audiences.

Content Creation

RoV Thai Skin Campaign 2022

The Thai skin campaign was RoV’s biggest localized campaign in 2022, designed to encourage users to log in and receive a free new hero’s skin. I contributed to the creative direction of this campaign. In my role, I focused on planning fun and engaging social media content to boost Daily Active Users. I crafted posts and livestream content that highlighted key game events and assets, helping to bring our gaming community together and enhance participation in the campaign.

I initiated ideas by researching on the skin concept which is Siamese fighting fish, Thailand’s National Aquatic Animal.

The campaign theme was developed by emphasizing the brave characteristic of this fish and the hero “Airi”. 

Amazing memories with a top Thai actress, Min Peechaya! I developed her video scripts for social media and online ads.

I collaborated with a production house to develop Hero videos highlighting the skin presenter, aimed at increasing campaign awareness among a mass audience.

Additionally, I worked with art studios in Thailand and Vietnam to create engaging stories about the skin using both 2D and 3D animation. I developed the video brief and creative guidelines for these teams. Our strategy was to build hype around the Thai skin universe, where Airi played a main role, thereby adding value to this new skin.

The videos were launched as part of the introduction phase for the new skin. They were crafted to tell stories that made the audience feel connected to the Thai skins.

Thai skin 2D animation video
Thai skin 3D Cinematic
Siamese Beta Queen Airi – Skin spotlight

This skin was launched during the Songkran festival, which is the Thai New Year holiday. Therefore, the theme was also focused on creating a festive and fun mood and tone to align with this holiday.

Songkran Ingame event

RoV Valentine’s Campaign 2022

The Valentine’s campaign was driven by music marketing and tailored specifically for Thai players, from in-game assets to marketing activities. This included adding traditional Thai voiceovers in the game and launching a social media hashtag challenge.

I collaborated with Thai rapper NOT’TOY and a production house to develop a song and music video for the RoV Valentine’s event.

This creative partnership aimed to blend music with gaming, enhancing the festive atmosphere and engaging our community in a unique and entertaining way.


Sales and Event Promotional Content

For the game event and new skin, I created promotional content, including banners and videos. I directed in-game production in collaboration with video editors and provided creative direction to graphic designers. Additionally, I worked with songwriters to produce specific soundtracks for our campaigns, ensuring each piece of content aligned with the overall theme and enhanced the player experience.

Influencer Marketing

I have collaborated with a wide range of influencers, from celebrities and mass KOLs to gaming streamers.

For the influencer content, I created brief, script, and storyboard for each video, ensuring their quality throughout the production process.

Initially, I researched key promotional materials and their stories, developing talking points to guide the narrative. Next, I listed potential influencers by exploring their popularity, fanbase, and character. Finally, I incorporated current trends to make the storyline more engaging and relevant to the audience.


หันไปทางไหนก็เจอแต่ของฟรีใน RoV 10 เมษายนนี้ มารับสกินไทยใหม่ วีรมัศยาไอริ ฟรี! แถมยังแจกสกินไทยตัวเก่าพร้อมฮีโร่ฟรีอีกด้วย เจอกันในเกม #RoV10เมษาตีป้อมมันส์สาด #RoVสกินไทยฟรี #มินพีชญาวีรมัศยาไอริ

♬ original sound – minpechaya – minpechaya

WaVe: Oscillator Liliana น่ารักเกินต้าน ดาเมจสุดห้ามใจ 💙 #RoVGirlGroup #WaVe #RoV5thAnniversary #HiFive #RoV #TikTokเกมมิ่ง

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Garena RoV Thailand – Garena RoV Thailand

สงกรานต์นี้มาโบกแท็กซี่แล้วดึงดาวไปด้วยกันกับเพลง “RoV ตีป้อมมันส์สาด” เพลงตึงขนาดนี้ ต้องลุกขึ้นมาเต้นกันหน่อยแล้วว💦 #RoVสกินไทยฟรี #มินพีชญาวีรมัศยาไอริ #RoV10เมษาตีป้อมมันส์สาด

♬ original sound – Garena RoV Thailand – Garena RoV Thailand

มันส์ร้อนแบบนี้ต้อง… ? 🌞มิน พีชญา ชวนมาแชร์วิธีคลายร้อนเจ๋งๆ “ชิงเงินรางวัล และสกินสูงสุดระดับ Ultimate” 100 รางวัล รวม 80,000 บาท ~🧡 #RoVมันส์คลายร้อน #RoV10เมษาตีป้อมมันส์สาด

♬ original sound – Garena RoV Thailand – Garena RoV Thailand
Winter Party – Net idol (Suri & Bas SB Five)
Interactive video – Flirt with Kaimook CM Cafe

I was responsible for the virtual influencer project featuring “Alice.” I collaborated with art studio to develop models for video content. The project aimed to make the communication between the brand and users more engaging and friendly. It included a series of virtual influencer content such as promoting sales and initiating a TikTok challenge.

The result was overwhelmingly positive; the brand received more favorable comments from users who appreciated Alice’s cute character. The content was easy to digest, fostering more engaging communication, attracting cartoon lovers, and effectively expressing creativity.

Livestream Production

I collaborated with the in-house production team to broadcast live streams aimed at promoting our marketing campaigns. I wrote the scripts and worked closely with graphic designers to brief them on key visuals. On the day of the live stream, I briefed influencers, casters, and administrators to ensure the quality and smooth execution of the event. This meticulous preparation helped us deliver a professional and engaging live stream experience.