ZMOT by Google in digital marketing model

     By adding ZMOT, the model completely represents nowadays consumer behavior. Buying lipstick, for example, if you look closely at the environment all around, you will find that there are plenty stimuli that persuade you to buy a product. The advertisement on television, radio, and mostly on digital platform such as Facebook, Youtube, Website, etc. Lipstick advertisement may appears while you are watching makeup tutorial on Youtube or reading a beauty blogger review on webpage. By the way, social group have a large impact on your desire. Once your friend applies your favorite lipstick color, you start to concern about what brand is it or where did your friend buy. Social group can persuade your mind better than advertisement because of its trustworthiness and creditability.

     The second step called ” Zero Moment Of Truth ” when you have a need and interested in the product. You may search about lipstick in various brand website for the information you need such as price, place, and promotion. You can ask your friends and find reviews about each lipsticks from the blogger. Collect data and evaluate the most suitable lipstick that fulfill your need. Internet makes you get the information comfortable and fast. You can compare various brand in a minute. This make your decision a lot easier than before. In Thailand, there are many website that helps you select the best product for your need such as,, etc.

     The Third step called ” First Moment of Truth ” when you walk through the shelf and consider your lipstick. This is the benefit of ZMOT, now you don’t have to take much time than before because you already have an information about the lipstick via ZMOT step. You can test a tester lipstick  to ensure that it is suitable for you.

     The last step is when you purchase lipstick that meet your expectation. ZMOT really suit for this digital world where people need convenience and easiness buying their product. Digital platform also has a critical influence for consumer behavior and helps consumer spend less time in their shopping.